Writer Who Accused Trump Of Rape Filed A Defamation Case Against Him

Donald Trump Defamation Case: Former US President Donald Trump is caught in a new trouble. The author (E. Jean Carroll) has filed a defamation suit on Trump. This is the same writer who accused Trump of rape. E. Jean Carroll’s attorney filed legal papers electronically, as the Adult Survivors Act temporarily removed the state’s usual deadline for filing sexual assault lawsuits.

The author has sought punitive damages for pain and suffering, psychological harm, loss of dignity and damage to reputation. Carroll, a longtime advice columnist for Elle magazine, first claimed in a 2019 book that Trump raped her in the dressing room of a Manhattan luxury department store in 1995 or 1996.

‘Wasn’t my type’

Trump responded to the book’s allegations by saying that it could never happen because Carroll was “not my type.” His comments prompted Carroll to file a defamation lawsuit against him, but that lawsuit has been tied up in the appeals courts, as judges rule that he is protected from legal claims for comments made while he was president. Or not.

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Why was the case not filed earlier?

Prior to this, Carroll was barred by state law from prosecuting the alleged rape, as many years had passed since the incident. At the same time, New York’s new law gives sexual crime victims a second chance to file a lawsuit.

‘Carroll made up the story’

Trump said in his statement that Carroll “completely fabricated a story that I met him at the door of this overcrowded New York City department store and knocked him unconscious within minutes. It’s a hoax and a lie, just like that.” Like all the other hoaxes played on me in the last seven years.”

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