World News 12 People Died Clash Between Police Protesters Peru President Issue

Peru President Issue: In Peru, 12 people have died in clashes between protesters and security forces. Protesters in Peru are demanding the removal of President Dina Boluarte. Meanwhile, there was a clash between the protesters and the security forces on Monday, in which 12 people were killed. This incident happened at Juliaca Airport.

Two minors are also included in the 12 killed. According to the news agency AFP, a local official said that the bloody clash took place in the Puno region, southeast of the city of Juliaca. The protesters were demanding the removal of the country’s President Dina Boluarte. Actually, Dina Boluarte got him arrested on 7 December 2022 after removing the then Peruvian President Pedro Castillo. Only after this, Boluarte has taken over the throne of the country.

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