World Angriest Countries Include Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon Arab Asia

World Angriest Countries: There are many sensitive matters going on in the world these days. Apart from this, there are many countries in the world, which are at the forefront of anger. During this, these countries also got to see many ups and downs. During a survey conducted by Gallup, it has been found that the world’s top three countries are where people get angry very soon. Those countries are Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan.

One thing was very common in these countries. Socio-economic pressure and institutional failure were the main reasons for anger in such countries. Such failures also include the corona lockdown, the travel ban in the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, the war in Ukraine fueled inflation, putting the world’s poorest under severe pressure from food and fuel prices.

Which country got what percentage of votes

Gallup first began tracking global anger in 2006, creating a system among adult populations 15 years and older collected from 122 countries. It found that these included negative feelings, stress, sadness, anger, anxiety and physical pain, which reached record high levels in the last one year. On the study conducted at the global level, 41 percent of the adults said that they had experienced stress. According to Gallup’s report, Jordan got 35 percent of the vote, Iraq 46 percent and Lebanon 49 percent.

Reason for anger in Jordan, Iran and Lebanon

Over the past decade, large-scale protests, regime collapse, corruption, scandals, wars and mass exodus in Arab countries around the world have disrupted regional priorities and internal systems. Millions of Lebanese, many of whom are still in shock from the August 2020 Beirut port explosion. They have chosen to leave the country, including many young and skilled workers who are fed up with poor working conditions and lack of opportunities. Iraq, which faces political paralysis in the wake of October 2021 parliamentary elections.

Jordan has seen protests in recent years due to its rising cost of living and high rates of unemployment, which have been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation. In the Middle East and North Africa, where price volatility, climate shocks and protracted political crises have been acutely felt, Gallup polling finds public anger is widespread and growing – development experts say That the regional governments should take seriously.

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