Women Flogged In Afghanistan For Shopping Without Male Guardian

Women Flogged In Afghanistan:A horrifying video has emerged from Takhar province in Afghanistan. All limits of humanity have been crossed in this video. In this two-minute video, it is seen that a woman is being brutally beaten in public. This painful video has been posted on Twitter by a woman named Shabnam Nasimi.

The woman was allegedly beaten for breaking an orthodox Taliban rule that forbids women from going to shops unaccompanied by a male guardian.

Video posted by Shabnam Nasimi

Along with posting the video, Shabnam Nasimi wrote on Twitter that “Women of Afghanistan are experiencing hell on earth under Taliban rule. We must not turn a blind eye.” Last Wednesday, three women and 11 men were flogged by order of an Afghan court after being found guilty of theft and “moral crimes”, news agency AFP reported.

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What did the Taliban leader say

Senior Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada last month ordered judges to fully enforce all aspects of Islamic law, including public executions, stonings and whippings, and amputations for thieves.

Social media is full of such videos

Social media has been abuzz for months with videos and images of Taliban fighters publicly flogging people accused of various crimes. During their first rule, which ended in late 2001, the Taliban regularly carried out public executions, including floggings and executions at the national stadium.

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