Woman Lying On Chair Juggles With 5 Basketballs | Viral Video: A woman did such a feat by lying upside down on a chair with 5 basketballs, the user said

Woman Lying 0n Chair Video: We see people’s works of art everyday on the internet. The internet is full of people showing off their skills. Recently a video of a woman is going viral on the internet. In the video, he is seen playing five basketballs with his hands and feet. This video going viral on the internet has surprised many users.

This 48-second clip was shared on Reddit. In this, the woman is wearing black T-shirt and gray tights and she is seen lying upside down on the chair. Seeing the woman lying down, it looks as if she is present in a basement. It is shown in the video that the woman balances two balls on her feet. After this she takes three more balls on her hands. The woman slowly starts performing with balls balanced on her feet and balls on her hands. By the end of the video, she is rolling balls from her feet to her hands. In the last, the woman carefully puts all the balls back on the table to pose. The caption of the shared video reads, “Skillful ball juggling.”

Video was shared a day ago

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The video was shared about a day ago and has got 5410 upvotes. Many users were surprised to see the woman performing with such confidence. Many people are commenting on this video shared on the internet. A user wrote in the video that this is amazing. Another wrote, it is absolutely confirmed that I will fail to reach that position on that chair, but this lady made it look very easy.

Seeing the video, a person wrote that this is a really funny feat. I’ve been into it for years and do it every second of my spare time. This video inspires me to do it again. It was a wonderful hobby. I got bored and stopped doing it.

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