Why Israel People Protest Against Benjamin Netanyahu Government Here’s All You Need To Know

Israel Protest: Benjamin Netanyahu has become the Prime Minister of Israel for the third time. The right-wing Netanyahu, who took over the power of Israel in December 2022, is facing the biggest protest in the country so far. About one lakh people took to the streets in Tel Aviv against the Janata government’s proposals related to changes in the judicial system.

Overturning Supreme Court orders will be easier
According to Israeli local media, after the implementation of the proposed reforms in the judicial system, it will be easier for Israel’s parliament to overturn the order of the country’s Supreme Court. At the same time, the protesters have called the proposed changes of PM Benjamin Netanyahu an attack on the democratic system. Along with this, demonstrations have also taken place outside PM Netanyahu’s house in cities like Jerusalem and Haifa.

proposal to reform the judicial system
In fact, in the first week of January in the new year, Israel’s Law Minister Yariv Levin presented a proposal to reform the judicial system. Once these proposals are implemented in Israel, the Parliament will have the power to cancel the decisions of the Supreme Court with a simple majority. This decision will make it easier for the Netanyahu government to pass the law without any fear.

Plan to end the ongoing cases against Netanyahu
The opposition fears that the new government could use the law to end criminal cases against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Let us tell you that Netanyahu is facing charges of bribery, fraud and betrayal. However, Benjamin Netanyahu has been denying all the allegations leveled against him.

In Tel Aviv, protesters blocked the highway, during which they clashed with the police. Opposition and critics say the proposed reforms will cripple the independence of the judicial system and increase corruption. Apart from this, if these laws become law, they will hinder the rights of minorities and this will weaken the trust in Israel’s court system.

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