Why Earthquake In Turkiye And Syria Danger For America Geologists Warn All You Need To Know

Earthquake Prediction 2023 California: Turkey-Syria Earthquake has caused huge devastation in the countries of West Asia, Turkey and Syria. So far more than 4800 people have died in these two countries. The death toll is continuously increasing. Turkish official Yunus Sezer said that after three tremors of the earthquake, 243 aftershocks have also come. It has been said by the seismologists that the danger of similar aftershocks will remain here for a few days.

Earthquake of magnitude 7 caused break in plates here
According to geologists, cracks occurred in the Anatolian and Arabian plates between Turkey and Syria. Due to this, there has been a break of more than 100 km (62 mi) between the two at a great depth in the ground. This is the reason for this fire. The report of the American Geological Survey states that since 1970 only three earthquakes of magnitude 7 have been recorded in this region, but in 1822 there was an earthquake of magnitude 7 and about 20,000 people died in it. Had gone

‘Most dangerous strike-slip fault in California’
Meanwhile, many scientists have predicted an earthquake in many parts of America (USA). In the study of US and UK scientists, it was told that the San Andreas Fault located in California, USA is the world’s most dangerous strike-slip fault. Have been warning about this for a long time. There is a possibility that there may be a big fire here at any time.

Earthquakes occurring on the surface cause more devastation
Geoscientist David Rothery of the Open University in Britain said that compared to deep earthquakes, tremors on the surface of the ground are much more dangerous. Such earthquakes occur more in Japan.

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