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The Khorasan Group (ISKP) has taken responsibility for the attack on a Chinese hotel in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on 12 December 2022. In fact, on December 12, there was a huge blast in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. After the blast, the attackers entered the hotel in Shahr-e-Nawa area and attacked there as well. This hotel is also called Chinese Hotel.

Five people died in the attack, including two police officers. The discussion of this attack is also increasing because senior Chinese officials often come and go in the Chinese hotel. This is believed to be the first major attack on Chinese interests in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

On the previous day, China’s Ambassador Wang Yu had met Afghanistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sher Mohammad Stankzai in Kabul regarding the security of Chinese citizens.

In the last few days, there have been frequent attacks and bomb blasts in Afghanistan and dozens of people have also died. It is being suspected that these attacks may be linked to the Khorasan group opposing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

What is Islamic State Khorasan Province

ISIS-Khorasan is a branch of ISIS itself. Founded in January 2015 by dissident members of the Taliban’s Pakistani affiliate, the Islamic State-Khorasan is considered a staunch enemy of the Taliban and the US.

The word Khorasan is named after an ancient region that once included parts of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Iraq. At present, this area is a part between Afghanistan and Syria.

The Khorasan group includes people associated with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda having a different ideology. This group is mainly run from Syria and Khorasan.

Establishment of ISIS in Iraq

ISIS was formed in 2005 by Abu Musal al-Zarqawi, who was previously the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. He left al-Qaeda to start ISIS.

Journalist Benjamin Hall writes about this organization in his book Inside ISIS: The Brutal Rise of a Terrorist Army, ‘By 2005, al-Qaeda was a powerful force in Iraq. But to take it forward it was merged with the Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC). Which was a network of other jihadist groups and the newly established army became the Islamic State in Iraq.

Islamic State Khorasan Province emerged in 2014 with Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP), Al Qaeda, and Taliban fighters operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, their efforts were given a formal nod in January 2015.

The Khorasan branch of the Islamic State terrorist group is largely made up of TTP defectors. The group has kept itself aloof from any conflict with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban.

Where is the base of Islamic State Khorasan Province?

The base of ‘ISIS-K’ ie Khorasan province is in Nangarhar, the eastern province of Afghanistan. The routes of drug trade and human trafficking between Pakistan and Afghanistan pass through it.

Taliban is also threatened by ISIS

  • Afghanistan is currently ruled by the Taliban. But the biggest threat to them is from the Khorasan group itself.
  • With the increasing influence of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, the influence of the Taliban will reduce here.
  • Why is ISIS saying continuous attack

ISIS wants to humiliate Taliban

  • ISIS also wanted to humiliate the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  • Ever since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan last year, ISIS has been continuously trying to weaken the Taliban.
  • By attacking in Afghanistan, he wants to show that Taliban cannot bring security and stability here.
  • ISIS wants to prove that it is also failing to protect religious minorities.

By stopping ISIS in Afghanistan, the Taliban is trying to send a message to the whole world that it is no longer giving shelter to terrorist organizations. On the other hand, ISIS is feeling the danger of its existence. This terrorist group, which sells fear, is trying to humiliate the Taliban in every situation.

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