Watch Viral Video Of Anteater Know The Reality About Its Two Head, Rare Creatures Are Found In Few Countries

Two Headed Anteater: Everyday something or the other goes viral on social media. Now the video of such a strange animal is going viral, whose two heads are visible. This animal is called Anteater, which eats only ants. However, in the video that has just gone viral, he is seen eating a log. First he puts his muzzle on the bark of the log, then eats it.

You can watch this video on Twitter on the account named @buitengebieden. About which the person wrote, ‘You will also be surprised to see this. It took me a minute to know its reality too. In fact, on first viewing, it seems that the anteater seen in the video is of two faces. That’s why many people have asked the question whether this creature really has two heads?

The video, which went viral on social media, is said to be originally from Franklin Park in Boston, Massachusetts, where someone filmed it at the zoo. This video has been viewed more than 1.17 crore times on Twitter. Many Twitter users were surprised to see this. Now the video of this two-headed strange animal is being shared on many social media platforms.

A social media user said, ‘Such creatures are mostly found in South America and Central America. There are many species of these, which are large in size, Ant Eaters are usually seen alone. However, such creatures are also seen in China.

Another user shared the pictures of Ant Eater and told that the one seen in the video does not have two heads, but one of them is his leg. It seems that there is a problem with his leg and hence he looks like his head.

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