Watch Turkiye Little Boy Pulled Out Of Rubble 22 Hours After Earthquake Video Viral

Turkey Earthquake: Disaster-relief rescue workers are braving cold, darkness and aftershocks to pull survivors from under the rubble following Monday’s (6 February) devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The death toll from the earthquake has increased to more than 5,000 so far. Many survivors are being pulled from the debris, in such a situation many videos have come out amidst the damage and devastation.

3 year old innocent was buried in the debris
It is seen in a video that the rescue operation of a small child has been done. The video was shared on a Twitter account named EHA MEDYA. It is being told about this video that a 3-year-old child has been pulled out alive from the debris after more than 22 hours. The video’s caption on Twitter read, “3-year-old baby Miran, who was under the rubble of a building collapse in Malatya, has been rescued after 22 hours.”

You can watch the video here. The video clip is of 19 seconds, in which it is seen that the child is being pulled out from under the debris. During this, many people are raising slogans of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’.

baby covered in dust
When the child was pulled out of the pile of debris, it was completely covered in dust. It seems that miraculously he escaped any serious injury. According to local media reports, this incident is from Malatya, Turkey, where the child was trapped under a pile of debris.

‘Prayers for all the victims in Turkey’
Many internet users are praising the tireless efforts of the rescue workers and thanking them for saving the little child. One user wrote, ‘Thanks to Allah, for this miracle! May he protect all the lovely children. I pray for all the victims in Turkey.

Another user wrote, “I hope that the Turkish government will take good care of these children who have no parents left, but someone should be their parent.”

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