Watch Green Comet Live Near Earth After 50000 Years Last Chance To See

Green Comet Near Earth: After thousands of years, a wonderful astronomical phenomenon is happening in the universe, of which we all have become witnesses. A rare green comet is passing right by Earth this week. NASA has told that it can be seen through binoculars. If you are at a place where the sky is clear, then this very rare sight can be seen through the eyes as well.

This comet has been named C/2022 E3 (ZTF). It is going to pass between the orbits of Earth and Mars on the evening of Friday (February 10) and Saturday (February 11). Next to the Red Planet, it will appear as a fan-shaped spot.

50 thousand years later
The special thing is that while moving in an elliptical orbit around the Sun, the comet completes one round in 50 thousand years. Before this, it had passed close to the earth 50 thousand years ago and it is likely to do the same in the future. This means that we will have this last chance to see this comet.

this is the best time to watch
The comet actually came closest to Earth on the night of February 1, but the best time to see it is now. In the beginning of this month, the light of the moon came in the way, due to which it is not visible clearly, but now it can be seen very clearly.

When it will be close to Mars on Friday night, it will be so clearly visible that a better chance cannot be found again. After this it can change the path from the Earth’s orbit forever. Then we might never see it again.

Why the name Green Comet?
It was discovered only last year. Since it is a comet, it has been orbiting the Sun since the beginning of our Solar System. During this, it passes very close to the Sun many times and in this way it becomes very hot. Due to this it emits a light. This comet is emitting a green light. That’s why it is called Green Comet.

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