Vladimir Putin Said Strikes On Ukrainian Power Grid Were In Response To Crimea Drone Attack

Vladimir Putin: Recently, Russia carried out drone attacks on Ukraine, in which many people died. Ukraine also alleged that Russia attacked their power grid, affecting electricity service in a third of Ukraine. At the same time, now Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the real reason for the attacks on the power grid. Vladimir Putin has said that the attacks on Ukraine’s power grid were carried out in response to the Crimean drone attack.

Russian President Putin told a news conference on Monday (October 31) that Ukrainian drones used the same sea corridors that used to cross grain ships under a UN-brokered deal. However, Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) has not claimed responsibility for the attack and has denied using the grain program’s security corridor for military purposes. On the other hand, the United Nations also supported Ukraine. The UN said no grain ships were using the Black Sea route on Saturday.

250 days of war completed

The war between Russia and Ukraine started on 24 February, which has now completed 250 days. Russian missiles rained all over the country on the 250th day. There was also a loud explosion in Kyiv, due to which black smoke spread in the sky. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said in a statement on Facebook that Russian forces opened fire on infrastructure in at least six Ukrainian territories on Monday.

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Electricity service affected in many areas of Ukraine

Ukrainian officials said power infrastructure, including a hydroelectric dam, had been hit, cutting off power, heat and water supplies. The governor of the northeast Kharkiv region, Oleh Sinehubov, said on Telegram that about 140,000 residents were without electricity after the attacks, including about 50,000 residents of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. Ukraine’s military said it had shot down 44 of 50 Russian missiles. Ukrainian police said 13 people were injured in the latest attacks.

Russia made serious allegations against Britain

Russia has accused Britain of being “involved” in the drone strike on Crimea. Russia’s defense ministry said Ukraine carried out a 16-drone attack on the Black Sea Fleet near Sevastopol early on Saturday and that “experts” from the British Navy helped Ukraine in this. Ukrainian officials said Russia itself may be responsible for the blasts, which it has used as an excuse to pull out of the UN-brokered grain deal, a move that stymied efforts to ease the global food crisis. weakens.

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