Vladimir Putin Girlfriend Alina Kabaeva Dances Video During Russia War Ukraine

Vladimir Putin Girlfriend Alina Kabaeva: The war between the US and Ukraine continues. The whole world is waiting for the end of this war. People are wishing that the world may not go towards the third world war. Amidst all this, a video of the alleged girlfriend of Russian President Vladimir Putin has surfaced. In this video, Vladimir Putin’s alleged girlfriend Alina Kabaeva is seen dancing. Alina is training for a gymnast championship in Sochi. There are many rumors about the relationship between him and Putin. Although both have always denied these rumours. Alina is a former parliamentarian of Russia.

what is in viral video

In the viral video, she is dancing during the training session. The training session in which she is dancing was held at the Black Sea resort Sochi. The special thing is that during his dance, Alin was also seen proudly wearing the Z (Z) badge associated with the Russian Army.

Let us tell you here that in Western countries, the Z badge associated with the Russian Army is not considered good at all. It is considered a symbol of vandalism. Some critics of Putin compare this symbol to Adolf Hitler’s symbol which looks like a swastika.

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Zelensky attacks Putin

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky attacked Russia while talking about the war in an interview with the news channel La China Info (LCI). When asked whether there was a personal hatred towards him from Putin? Zelensky replied that the image he had of my personality and role as President of Ukraine was not very positive.

‘I want to punch Putin in the face’

Ukraine’s President Zelensky said, “A man, a real man, if he wants to send a message to someone, like if he wants to beat him up, he does it on his own. If I have something to tell Putin Had there been such a message, I would have done it alone.” The clip was tweeted by Belarusian media outlet Nexta with the message that the Ukrainian president had said, “He is ready to punch Putin in the face.” However, these words were not used in the excerpt of the interview, which aired on Friday.

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