Virginia Shooting Firing In Walmart Store Death Of Many People Police Claim Shooter Killed

America Mass Shooting: In America, the news of the death of 10 people is coming in the mass shooting at Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia. According to media reports, many people have also been injured. Chesapeake police made efforts to apprehend the alleged active shooter at the Walmart right across Battlefield Blvd.

Police claim – shooter killed

The Chesapeake Police Department says that about 10 people have died and many people have been injured. Police is investigating the building. Police believe the shooter is dead, but people are being asked to stay away from the building for now. According to media reports, the call informing about the firing came at 10:12 pm on Tuesday night.

police force still deployed

News Reels

A heavy police force is still deployed outside the Walmart store, reports Michelle Wolf of media outlet WAVY. Along with this, more than 40 emergency vehicles have also been instructed to be ready outside the building. The police department has asked the local people to stay away from the spot.

‘Manager firing on employees’

According to a report published on, people present at the spot told that the person who fired was the manager of the store. The manager entered the break room and opened fire on other store employees.

mass shooting in america

The process of mass shooting in America is not taking the name of stopping. Every day news of mass firing comes from one or the other city of America. Just two days earlier, a gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing at least five people and injuring 18.

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