Viral News: Boyfriend was dating someone else, furious girlfriend set lover’s house on fire

Viral: Who knows when the lover will flare up after heart break. A similar incident has come to light in Pattaya, Thailand. Where after being cheated in love, a girlfriend has taught a lesson to her boyfriend in a different way. Actually, the girl’s boyfriend was cheating on her. He was dating some other girl. When she came to know about her boyfriend’s affair, she became very angry. Drunk heavily, then set her boyfriend’s flat on fire.

According to the British newspaper Daily Star, this girl has been detained after getting drunk and setting fire to her boyfriend’s apartment. The accused girl was extremely drunk at the time of the incident. She was very upset with her lover. Along with this, she was constantly accusing her boyfriend of cheating. It is being told that 25-year-old Donalaya Nelly, a resident of Pattaya, Thailand, drank heavily on Saturday, then argued with her boyfriend and set the bed on fire. Due to which the bedroom was completely burnt. However, there was no harm to the accused girl and her lover. 

Fire engines reached in time 

The police had received a call about the fire at around 1.30 am local time. Several fire engines were sent to the spot. A plume of smoke was coming out of the apartment. Firefighters were able to stop the flames from spreading to neighboring flats. It is being told that many fire engines reached the spot in time. Due to this the fire was brought under control in time. 

I was also attacked by:  boyfriend 

33 year old man said that my girlfriend was a bit too drunk. Before I could understand anything, he set the bed on fire. Somehow we came out of the bedroom. She was angry with me for allegedly having an affair with another woman. She also attacked me before setting the bed on fire, unable to control herself. 

Women in custody

According to media reports, the accused Donalaya Nellie has been taken into custody by the police from the spot itself. After questioning them, the ruckus was first pacified. Along with this, the police also interrogated the victim youth. Along with this, the police also inquired about the allegations made by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the man declined to comment to the local press on whether his allegations were true. 

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