Vietnam 10 Year Old Child Resuce After Fall In To 35 Meter Hollow Concrete Pillar PM Pham Minh Chinh Give Order

Vietnam Rescue: In Vietnam’s southern province of Dong Thap, a 10-year-old boy fell into a 35 meter deep and 25 cm wide pit. According to the information, the name of the child is Thai Lee Ho. He had fallen in it on Saturday (December 30) afternoon. Rescue operation is being done on a war footing to save the child. The rescue team has no information about the condition of the child till now. It is being told that a total of three children had gone out to pick up the scrap iron, out of which a child named Thai Lee Ho fell.

Rescue operation was started immediately after getting the information about the fall of the child. A team of 100 people, including firefighters and police officers, is on the spot. They have earthmoving cranes. Oxygen has also been arranged at the incident site so that the child does not have any difficulty in breathing, along with water was also given to the child.

PM also gave orders

The rescue team has taken various measures to save the child. In this, after pulling out with the help of a rope or wetting the soil, a pit should be made. At the same time, the country’s Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh issued an official notice on Monday (January 1), saying that it is necessary to have partnership and cooperation between ministries to speed up the rescue. He ordered the chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Thap to work with the State Committee for Incidents and Disaster Response and the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Transport to mobilize all resources and equipment needed for rescue . Work to ensure the progress, speed and effectiveness of rescue operations.

PM ordered punishment

The PM ordered the ministers of national defence, public security, transport and construction to immediately mobilize experts and appoint experienced competent forces to support the rescue operation, if appealed to the President of Dong Thap. He ordered the Ministry of Works to work with the Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport. Ordered the People’s Committee of Dong Thap and relevant officials to inspect the security measures at Rock Sen Project and impose strict punishment.

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