USA Massachusetts Restaurant Sixteen Year Old Employee Got Shot By Customer For Wrong Sized Drink

US Restaurant Firing: A customer fired at a 16-year-old employee at a Wendy’s restaurant in Massachusetts, USA. The allegation is that the employee had served him a drink of the wrong size. The bullet hit the employee’s shoulder.

According to a report in WLWT, the incident happened in the drive-thru of the restaurant on Tuesday (February 7). After this the police retaliated, but the attackers fled.

The restaurant employee was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment after being shot. At present, the police is looking for the accused. A video of the incident related to the shooting is also going viral on social media, in which it can be seen how the glass window near the drive-thru is broken due to the bullet.

The restaurant was closed for several hours

A woman named Yamli Capita, who lives near the restaurant, told the local media that it is really wrong to do this to a small child. It is very sad that that child has to suffer. As soon as the information about the incident was received, a dozen policemen immediately reached the restaurant. After this the restaurant was closed for several hours. The police inquired about the circumstances. The police closed the roads leading to the restaurant for a while.

Controversy over drive-thru windows

Local media quoted the police as saying that there was some dispute over the drive-thru window, which led to the shooting. At the same time, a 17-year-old employee was shot, but did not require treatment. A friend of Kishore said that he opened fire when the customer did not get the order he had placed.

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