USA Colorado 5 World Famous Paintig Stolen From Locked Truck Worth 400000 Dollar

Colorado Painting Stolen: Thieves stole five paintings worth millions of dollars by breaking the locks of a locked truck in the US city of Colorado. The truck was parked in the parking lot of a hotel. The five paintings that have been stolen are said to be worth $400,000. The report of the painting being stolen has been lodged by the truck driver at the police station.

During the preliminary investigation, the police saw some photographs of the painting. After investigation, it was found that the stolen painting belonged to the Taos Society of Artists, which is said to be from the 20th century. The people of the Taos Society of Artists belong to Mexico. The life of Western America is shown in the painting, which has become extinct.

paintings of famous artist

It is said that the employee of the transport company stayed in a hotel overnight. When he woke up the next morning, he found that the lock of the truck had been hacked. Apart from some tools, five paintings were stolen from the truck. The paintings stolen included “View of the Taos Pueblo” by Joseph Henry Sharp, “Laguna Pueblo” by Ernest Martin Hennings, and the Madrid series by Elaine de Kooning Was. Two other paintings stolen were “Burnett’s Barn,” created with the help of Jan Freliker, and “Taos Pueblo at Night” by Anger Irving Cuse.

Police asked to share information

Among the painters were Sharp, Hennings and Couse, members of the Taos Society of Artists, who worked in and about Taos, New Mexico. Although the police officials refused to tell clearly where the painting was going. Police is also asking common people to share any information related to theft.

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