US Will Give Smart Bomb Kit To Ukraine Wreaks Havoc In Minutes What A Big Threat To Russia | Russia

Russia-Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for more than the last 10 months. The situation is that Russia does not want a ceasefire even at the time of Christmas. America has been helping Ukraine in this war since the beginning. Recently, Biden office officials have informed that America is going to send advanced electronic equipment kit to Ukraine.

This advanced electronic equipment kit is also known as ‘Smart Bomb’. With its help, Ukrainian soldiers can comfortably target Russia’s military bases.

GPS is also installed

According to the report of the Washington Post, Global Positioning Device (GPS) has also been installed in this advanced electronic equipment kit to know the exact location. It can be mounted on all types of weapons. This device is called the Pentagon Joint Direct Attack Munition or (JDAM). It is used by the US Army on bombs up to 2,000 pounds. This device is used more on fighter jets that bomb.

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official confirmation is yet to come

However, no official confirmation has been made so far from the US President’s office about giving smart bombs to Ukraine. Quoting sources, The Washington Post has reported this. The Ukrainian air force relies mainly on Soviet-era MiG jets, and has asked the Pentagon to upgrade to advanced technology rather than supply new Western aircraft.

what is smart bomb

Smart bombs are also called smart missiles. This bomb attacks the specified target with precision. Like a common bomb, a smart bomb also has a force of gravity, which is effective in hitting the target. The fins on the side of the warhead have control surfaces that move in response to commands directed at them.

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