US Texas Women Birth Twins Baby Girl On Different Year Month Time

Texas Twins Birth: A woman gave birth to twins in Texas, USA. Although it was not a minor thing that the woman gave birth to twins. The most important thing behind this is that both the children were born in different months and years. In Hua Yun’s first new year 2022, on December 11 at 55 minutes, the woman first gave birth to her first daughter, Anne Joy, and the second child, Effie, was born in the new year on January 1, 2023, at 12.01 minutes.

Kelly Jo, the mother of the girls, said on this occasion that it is a very different feeling. It sounds strange that two children were born in different years. The birthdays of both the children will also be celebrated on different dates. The parents of the children are very happy about the fact that their children’s birthday will be different and they will get a different identity.

preterm birth

Callie was given a delivery date of January 11 by the doctors. Kelly went to the hospital on 29 December to get some tests done. However, after worrying about blood pressure, he was admitted to Health Presbyterian Hospital in Denton, Texas, on 31 December. After this, on the eve of the new year itself, the necessary treatment for the delivery of the child was started. After birth, Annie and Effie were born healthy and weighed 5 pounds.

Callie’s friends are happy

Callie’s friends were also looking very happy on the birth of children. He said that we are very happy to join our friend’s happiness. This is a happy feeling. Although we also know that there are many medical problems in the birth of twins, but in spite of all this our friend Callie is in a very good condition. We will celebrate the new year with great pomp.

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