US Texas Dog Lost Get Return Back To Her Former Shelter Animal Rescue League Of El Paso

US Lost Dog: A heart touching incident happened in Texas, America. A female dog named Bailey got lost in Texas. After this she again reached her old home shelter. The female dog was adopted a few days ago by someone from the Texas Animal Rescue League of El Paso.

After the female dog was lost, the adopters reported it to the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, after which the dog home shelter immediately started an operation to find the female dog. For this, information was also shared in social media.

Posted by Animal Rescue League

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso posted several pictures and wrote that this beautiful female dog, whose name is Bailey, is lost from the Mesa and Sunland Park areas. He is very friendly. If anyone sees or finds it please give us a call. People told that some people reported seeing the dog but no one was successful in catching Bailey. Bailey walked 10 miles (17 kilometres) to his first home shelter on 31 January and rang the doorbell in the middle of the night to be allowed inside.

Bailey arrived at 1:15 a.m.

After Bailey returned, the Animal Rescue League thanked everyone. He said we thank you. We know that dogs are really very intelligent. Bailey reached the shelter home at 1:15 in the night and rang the doorbell. After reaching the shelter home, the people of Animal Rescue League kept her very comfortably and informed the new owner of the female dog.

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