US QUAD Report: America in tension due to proximity of India and Russia, this appeal has been made in the report

US-India Relation: A report by the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US Senate said that the administration of US President Joe Biden should take care of India’s relations with Russia. And the decline in its democratic values ​​and institutions needs attention, especially when the US is focusing on the Indo-Pacific and the QUAD group.

The report has directed to support a strong and democratic India. Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, said on Thursday (February 9) that the US should move forward in the direction of the Indo-Pacific (strategy) with all resources and full support of the government. The report titled Strategy Alignment: The Imperative of Resourcing the Indo-Pacific Strategy was released on Thursday (February 9).

America’s leadership will be strong

Senator Robert Menendez said that I believe that President Biden’s Indo-Pacific strategy, released a year ago, adopts all the ideas of this government, if this strategy is successful, then it will become the world’s most productive and dynamic country in the 21st century. America’s leadership in the region will be strengthened.

According to the report, the Biden administration is right about not keeping its Indo-Pacific strategy entirely against China. To succeed, however, the US will have to grapple with the realities of this competition and the challenges of its regional allies and partners. In its seventh and final recommendation, the Major Staff Report directed to support a strong and democratic India.

Considering India as an important security partner

The US report said that while the Biden administration is right to consider India an important security partner, it needs to be aware of the real complexities of India’s continued relationship with and dependence on Russia for defense equipment and more recently its democratic values ​​and institutions. Work has to be done to reverse the decline.

According to the report, America and China keep competing to become India’s biggest trading partner. India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry reported in June 2022 that trade with the US has exceeded that of China, indicating an increasingly close relationship between the US and India.

More worried about China’s moves 

The American report said that in fact, relations between the world’s two largest democracies are in a much better condition than in more than two decades. Relations between the two countries have risen above Cold War animosity, differences over India’s nuclear program and the 1998 nuclear test.

The report says that security ties have deepened dramatically in recent years, as both countries are more concerned about China’s moves. It said that the US and India are now major defense partners and the two countries have taken a new initiative to enhance cooperation on quantum computing, 5G and 6G networks, space, semiconductors, biotech and artificial intelligence in critical and emerging technologies. .

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