US President Joe Biden Tongue Slips Again Says Kherson Of Ukraine As Fallujah Iraqi City Watch Video

US President: Gough-prone US President Joe Biden’s tongue slips once again and he has made another big mistake on camera. In a packed press conference, he merged a brutal Iraqi city of Fallujah with Kherson in southeastern Ukraine and said Russian troops were exiting “Falujah” via Kherson.

The video of his slip-off tongue soon went viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, with his critics even demanding his removal from the presidency. According to Fox News, this mistake happened when Biden was talking about whether the agreement between Russia and Ukraine would be done before the winter.

Biden said “I think Russian troops are retreating from Fallujah… and hey… I mean the city of Kherson.” Biden, while answering a reporter’s question, corrected his mistake. Biden went on to say that he believed “what the Russian and Ukrainian leaders will do after the war, caressing their wounds. They will have to think about what they are going to do in the winter.”

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Biden’s tongue has slipped many times before

Joe Biden was slammed by Twitter users for mispronouncing the name of UK PM Rishi Sunak. “We have received news that Rasheed Sanook has now become the prime minister.”

Earlier, President Biden was thanking all the lawmakers during a program at the White House. During this, he also took the name of Jackie Walosky. Said- I want to thank our Senators Mr. Barun, Senators Booker and Jackie for their cooperation in preparing this bill. where are you jackie? Where are you after all, Jackie? Let us tell you that Jackie has passed away.

After this, Joe Biden called Vice President Kamala Harris ‘First Lady’ during the Women’s History Month address. Joe Biden said, ‘The husband of the First Lady has got corona. Due to this, the program has had to be changed a bit’ while Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden is the First Lady. In America, the President’s wife is called the First Lady. At the same time, the husband of the Vice President is called the Second Gentleman.

After saying this, the US President realized his mistake. Because in reality Kamala Harris’s husband i.e. Second Gentleman Doug Amhoff was Corona positive. Hearing Biden, the people present there started laughing. After this, Biden himself smiled a little and, pointing to his wife Jill, said, ‘Yes it is okay, she (Jill) is fine.’ Biden said that I am Joe Biden and I am the husband of Jill Biden, I am proud of this.

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