US North Carolina University Gives Permission To Sikh Students For Kripan With Terms And Conditions

Sikh Student: America’s University of North Carolina (North Carolina University) has taken a big decision. Under this decision, Sikh students have now been allowed to keep Kirpan in the campus. Actually, the University of North Carolina has updated its Weapons on Campus policy. As per the updated policy, the university will allow students to carry sabers on campus as long as the length of the blade is less than 3 inches and it is kept close to the body in a sheath at all times.

In fact, two months ago at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a Sikh student was taken into custody for keeping a saber on campus. The incident was widely criticized as soon as the video went viral on social media. The video was posted on Twitter saying that the student was handcuffed after he refused to put away his saber when asked by a police officer.

Sikh students allowed to carry kirpan on campus

According to a PTI report, a statement was issued by the University of North Carolina on Thursday (November 17), saying that students are allowed to carry sabers on campus as long as the length of the blade is less than 3 inches. be reduced and weapons in a sheath with students at all times.” The released statement was signed by Chancellor Sharon L. Gabor and Chief Diversity Officer Brandon L. Wolfe.

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What was said in the known statement from the university?

The statement issued by the University of North Carolina further said, “Over the past several weeks, we have been in dialogue with representatives of the local and global Sikh communities about how we can best protect our campus while respecting the principles of religious freedom.” may modify the policies of the University for.”

What is a saber and why do Sikhs keep it, know

Kirpan is one of the integral part of the five Kakar of Sikhs. Kirpan is a dagger that symbolizes the duty of a Sikh to protect people in distress. All Sikhs are required to wear a kirpan at all times. It is sure to be used only for self-defense and the safety of others. It is a symbol of bravery and standing up to protect the weak and innocent.

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