US Mike Pompeo Said China President Xi Jinping Is Most Unpleasant To Know Why | Mike Pompeo: This US leader said

Mike Pompeo Over Xi Jinping: Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he has met dozens of world leaders during his tenure, but when he met Chinese President Xi Jinping, he was the world’s most indifferent. Leaders engaged. This is mentioned by Mike Pompeo in his book ‘Never Give An Inch: Fighting for the America I Love’. Mike Pompeo said that he has met President Xi Jinping several times and found him ruthless and an idol communist outspoken.

Former Secretary Mike Pompeo said that whenever he met Xi Jinping, he used to talk about Chinese Victim Hood. He said that I personally consider Xi Jinping very heartless. The same Russian President Valmadir Putin is a funny person. Despite being evil, he is of cheerful nature. Whereas Xi Jinping is very serious. I have never seen him laugh.

eager to impose ideas
He found the President an idol communist outspoken. He always used to have serious discussions. He was always ready to discuss his issues while discussing. He was always eager to impose his views, even if he pretended to listen to you. His thinking fits the psychological profile of an East German or Soviet communist. He said that when I came to study during my army days, I got information about Soviet Communist.

China’s leader is different
Miles Yu, my China policy advisor at the State Department, later told me that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders in general, and General Secretary Xi in particular, have collected a great deal of knowledge to play the role of gullible American leaders. . He further said, “I have met dozens of world leaders, but Xi Jinping was the most obnoxious leader of them all. How different were they from

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