US Midterm Elections Indian-American Woman Nabila Sayyed Created History, Won The Election At The Age Of 23

US Midterm Elections: In the mid-term elections held in America, Indian-American woman Nabila Sayyed has created history by winning the Illinois Legislative Assembly election. She has become the youngest ever female member of the Legislative Assembly to win this election. Nabila Sayyed is just 23 years old and has defeated Republican rival Chris Bose in this time’s US mid-term elections. Nabila received 52.3% of the vote in the election to the State House of Representatives for the 51st district of Illinois.

He shared the happiness of this victory on social media. Sharing the tweet from his Twitter handle, Nabila Syed wrote, “My name is Nabila Syed. I am a 23 year old Muslim Indian-American woman. We have just won a Republican-held urban body election. She further wrote, “And in January I will be the youngest member of the Illinois Legislative Assembly.” Responding to a tweet, Syed wrote, “Thank you everyone for the comments for tomorrow. We had an incredible team that made this possible.”

People are congratulating Nabeela on social media
Nabila Syed has also written a long note on Instagram, telling about this election journey. Talking about his mission, he said, “When I announced for the state representative I made it a mission to engage in dialogue with the people. A better person representing their values ​​for a better democracy.” Called the people to elect the leadership.”

Nabila Syed said that he won this election, because we talked to the people, took our word to the people” Simultaneously he thanked everyone for their support and said, “I knocked on every door in this district. Yesterday , I’ll start knocking again to thank them for trusting me and now I’m ready to go to work.”

People congratulated Syed on social media. One user wrote on Twitter, ‘I am very proud of the youth coming forward. It’s your time. do great work Another user wrote – Great work, Nabila Syed, you are never alone and we stand with you every step of the way. In this way, there is an influx of people congratulating Nabila Sayyed on social media. Everyone is wishing him a bright future.

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