US Journalist Grant Wahl Died In After Qatar Custody For Wearing Rainbow T Shirt To Support LGBTQ Gay

US Journalist Died: American journalist Grant Wahl, who was detained in Qatar and came to cover the FIFA World Cup, has died. He was caught by Qatar for wearing a rainbow shirt in support of the LGBTQ community.

Grant Behl was on Friday (December 9) to cover the Argentina vs Netherlands Football World Cup match. He fainted during this and died later. At the same time, Grant’s brother Eric said that Grant was murdered. He has blamed the Qatar government for this. However, it is still not clear whether he died during treatment or while being taken to the hospital.

What did Eric say?

Grant Behl’s brother said, “I’m Eric and I live in Seattle, Washington.” I am gay. My brother Grant wore a rainbow shirt to support me. He was perfectly healthy. Grant had told that he was being threatened with death. I cannot believe that my brother has died. I think he was murdered. Please help me ,

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What is the whole matter?

Grant told at the beginning of the FIFA World Cup that he was not allowed to go to the ground by the security guard who told him to take off his rainbow shirt only then he would be allowed to go to the ground. Later he was apologized by the guards and FIFA officials.

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