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US Flights Down: In America, the airline is badly affected due to the fault in the Air Mission Service. It may take two days for the situation to become normal here. The Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday (January 11) that thousands of flights across the country were grounded due to a server glitch. According to the news agency CNN, due to this, a total of 93 flights were canceled across the country, while more than 2,500 flights were delayed.

Although, due to fault in the service, the services of flights are being restored gradually, but it will take 2 days to recover completely. US airlines continued to delay or cancel flights. In such a situation, let us know 10 big updates related to this…

  • Major companies including United Airlines, Delta and American Airlines, which provide air services in the US, have said that they have stopped flights due to this fault. United and Delta Airlines have given travel discounts to passengers.
    All major American airlines said that their customers can rebook their flights on Wednesday and Thursday at no extra cost.
  • In the morning of January 11, 7000 thousand flights were canceled in America. Due to a major glitch in the airport system, thousands of passengers across the country were left stranded at the airport. The FAA said the flights were canceled due to a glitch in a major pilot notification system called the Notice to Air Mission.
  • According to FlightAware, which maintains data on American flight delays and cancellations, more than 9,500 flights in the US were delayed as of 6 p.m. and more than 1,300 were canceled.
  • Thousands of flights have been canceled on Southwest since Christmas. In which more than 400 flights were canceled and about 10 percent of Wednesday’s flights were canceled.
  • Due to the impact of flights, the defense units of the US have also become active due to the possibility of an alleged cyber attack. After this the White House has also swung into action. The White House spokesperson tweeted that she has briefed President Joe Biden about the entire matter.
  • The FAA has told in a tweet that it is working to restore its air mission system, he said that we are checking all the things and will reload our system soon.
  • The US Federal Aviation Administration has said that its service that provides information to pilots and other aviation personnel during air missions or to the staff on the ground is not working properly.
  • FAA told that due to non-functioning of NOTAMS service, air and ground staff are not able to connect with each other, due to which the operations have been badly affected.
  • NOTAMS works to tell the real time to every pilot while flying the plane in the air space. During this, it also indicates about any abnormal situation.

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