US China Tensions: Chinese Foreign Ministry Targets America Over Taiwan, Says Follow Our One China Policy | ‘Taiwan is our part, will send army if needed’, China advised America, said

US China Tension Over Taiwan: There could be a war between China and America in 2025. Chinese actions on the issue of Taiwan can lead to war. This statement of America’s 4-Star Air Force General Mike Minihan has again brought the two superpowers of the world face to face. After this statement, honest things have been said for America from China.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that America should stay away from Taiwan and follow the One-China policy i.e. ‘One-China Policy’. Mao Ning, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, attacked America in a press conference. Mao Ning said, “There are two things at the root of our new dispute. The first is that the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan is becoming dependent on America. Second- Some people of America are trying to use Taiwan to control China. They are also showing him dreams of freedom.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning also said many other things, from which it is concluded that China is not afraid of America and asked America not to forcefully enter Taiwan’s affairs by fulfilling the promises made by the American leadership. And also ban military relations in Taiwan area.

Let us tell you that US Air Force General Mike said in a memo released on Friday, “I think there could be a war between China and America in 2025.” After Mike’s statement, Republican Michael McCaul in the US Congress Had also said that the possibility of conflict with China on the issue of Taiwan is very high.

After these statements, now China has said that America should stay away from Taiwan, because Taiwan is a part of China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said, “We want the reunification of Taiwan and China through peaceful means and sincerely.” But if needed, the army can also be taken out. ”””’ He warned America that we have the right to take every necessary step.

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