US 11 Year Old Boy Bite Attack By 3 Pit Bull Ripped Ear Destroyed 70 Percent Scalp

Pitbull Attack in US: Three pitbull dogs attacked an 11-year-old boy in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The child’s name is Justin Gilstrap Pitbull. The dog scratched about 70 percent of the child’s scalp during the attack and also tore off one ear. This attack took place when the child was cycling outside his house in the evening. He was just passing by the neighbor’s house, at the same time the three dogs of the neighbor attacked him, due to which he fell on the ground.

By the time the police arrived, one of his ears had been torn off by the dogs. Justin Gilstrap’s cousin called the police by calling 911. He told the police that the dogs threw his brother off his bicycle on the road and dragged him to the side of the road and started violently attacking him.

there was blood all over

The cousin of the victim said that when the dogs were biting his brother, he was shouting save-save. I thought my brother was playing at his house, then I saw three dogs attacking him and there was blood all over. When the police questioned the owner of the dog, Burt Baker, he told that his dogs like to chase people riding bicycles. After questioning the police arrested the owner of the dog.

dogs roaming free

Justin’s mother Erica Gilstrap said that there is not even an inch of her son’s body that is not cut or scratched. “After the attack, her son’s life will never be the same,” she told WRDW. Mason’s mother, Kelly Aguilar, said this is not the first time the family has filed a complaint against Baker’s dogs, but No one has ever done anything. They said the neighbor’s dogs just roam free. They live outside and don’t even have a leash. According to Erica’s Facebook, Justin is down with a fever and just had surgery, where Some skin was removed from his leg and scalp.

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