University Grants Commission Yale University Stanford University Can Open Their Campus In India

University Grants Commission: Every student dreams of studying in Yale and Stanford University, but not everyone has enough money to go to America and study in these universities. But, your dream of studying at Yale and Stanford University may come true soon. Actually, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced by presenting the draft that the campuses of these universities can be opened in India.

All the rules for opening the campus are ready
UGC Chairman Prof. Releasing the draft regulation, M. Jagdish Kumar said, “According to the provisions of the National Education Policy 2020, the commission has taken several steps towards internationalization of the Indian higher education system. Operating rules have been prepared.”

Pro. M. Jagdish Kumar said, “Only universities that make it to the overall top 500 in global rankings can open their campuses in India. If not in the overall top 500 but in the top 500 in subjects or any stream, they can still apply.” Huh.”

Approval to set up campus for 10 years
The final draft of the University Grants Commission will be presented in Parliament for approval before it becomes law. UGC Chairman Prof. Quoting M. Jagdish Kumar, NBT said in its report that initially approval will be given to set up the campus for 10 years and after that it will be extended. When a foreign institution gets approval to start a campus, it will have to set up a campus in India within two years of getting this approval.

According to the report of NDTV, the Modi government has decided to make major changes in the rules for the entry of foreign universities in India. Modi government’s emphasis is on providing higher education of foreign universities to Indian students at cheap rates. With the new initiative of the Central Government, the youth of the country will also get a chance to study in foreign universities.

Bill was first introduced in 1995
Let us tell you that even before the Narendra Modi-led government, efforts were made to open campuses of these universities in India. The first attempt to allow foreign institutions to set up campuses in India was made in 1995. At that time the bill was introduced in the Parliament, but it could not move forward. Thereafter in 2005-2006 also, such a draft could only go up to the cabinet level.

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