Universal Flu Vaccine One Vaccine Will Help Fighting Influenza Scientists Discovered Universal Flu Vaccine

Universal Flu Vaccine: Every year cases of viral infection i.e. influenza come to the fore all over the world. At this time, a lot of outbreaks are being seen in America. However, now a ray of hope has arisen in the treatment of influenza. Scientists say that they have developed immunity in animals against about 20 strains of influenza. This success has been achieved in a vaccine trial. Now this has opened the way for a universal vaccine for influenza in the future.

According to the report, this new vaccine can develop immunity against all types of flu. This is considered to be an important step towards the medical field. Researchers claim that our current flu vaccines can work on four strains in the human body. Of these, two will work on influenza A strain and two on B strain. Actually, influenza vaccines are changed every year, but this new one vaccine will work against all influenza diseases.

Many such strains, which come from animals to humans…

Some strains are known to transmit between humans, but there are many strains that have been transmitted from animals to humans. Scientists are worried that these viruses can also enter humans. These viruses that came from animals to the human body can weaken the body because our body is not able to tolerate these viruses. That is why this universal vaccine of new influenza will help people to build immunity.

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capable of fighting all types of viruses

The idea behind this vaccine is that it can prepare the human body to fight all types of viruses, which will help people to prevent serious illness and death. Several universal vaccines are being developed and tested in various stages, one of which is being prepared at the National Institute of Health.

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