Ukraine Air Force Claims He Take Downs Russian Aircraft And Drone Russia Claims Defer

Russia Ukraine War: There is continuous fighting between Ukraine and Russia war. These two countries are fighting each other in Soledar and Obletsk. Soledar is a strategically important city in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine has claimed that it has shot down Russia’s best fighter jet on Thursday (January 12).

The news agency The Kyiv Independent quoted the Air Force of Ukraine as saying that on Thursday (January 12) Ukraine shot down the Russian fighter plane SU-25. At the same time, in this report, quoting the Air Force, it has been claimed that they also shot down its Orlan-10 drone. It has been said in this report that since September 2022 till now, Ukraine has shot down more than 500 Russian drones. At the same time, the Defense Ministry of Russia has not given any statement on this subject.

What did the Defense Ministry of Russia say?
The Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday (January 12) that the Russian military fired air and artillery fire at units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Russia claimed that it destroyed more than 30 soldiers, two tanks in its military operation on Thursday.

Russia is trying to capture Donetsk
In the midst of the ongoing war between the two countries, the Ukrainian army has speculated that the Russian army is working on a plan to take control of the entire Donetsk Oblast region. The Defense Ministry of Ukraine said that in the coming days, Russia will probably try to take control of the Donetsk Oblast region by reaching the administrative border. He further said that the main objective of the enemy is to capture Ukraine and destroy its existence.

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