UK Politics After Allegations PM Rishi Sunak Cabinet Minister Resigned The Opposition Slams PM Poor Leadership

UK Politics: Sir Gavin Williamson, a cabinet minister in Britain and said to be close to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has been accused of threatening his colleagues, after which he has resigned from the cabinet. Amid the ongoing investigation into the threatening case, PM Rishi Sunak has expressed regret over making Williamson a minister, saying that he clearly regrets it … I was not aware of any particular case. Williamson resigned as minister on Tuesday night before the ministry was handed over.

Now Sunak is on the target of the opposition in this matter regarding the allegations against the PM’s close and cabinet minister. The opposition termed the developments as evidence of Sunak’s “poor understanding and leadership”. Labor leader Keir Starmer tried to put more pressure on the prime minister during his weekly question-and-answer session in parliament.

Opposition asked question to Sunak

Starmer asked Sunak if he regretted the appointment of Williamson, to which Sunak replied, “I clearly regret it… I didn’t know about any specific case.” Sunak said that it was true that the minister resigned during the investigation.

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Let us tell you that Williamson is accused of abusive behavior towards his Conservative Party colleagues and bureaucrats. However, he denies any wrongdoing. For a few days in the political corridors of Britain, there was a heated discussion about what Sunak knew about Williamson before he was made a minister.

Williamson gave this reason for resigning

Williamson said in his resignation letter that he denies the claims made about his conduct. But he felt that he had become a cause to “distract from the good work being done by the government”. Therefore he resigned.

Williamson is accused of sending messages to former ruling Conservative Party whip Wendy Morton, which were ignored during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Others have accused Williamson of intimidating her when she was a minister in previous governments, since news of these allegations was published in The Sunday Times.

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