UK Bien Manger Beer Bottles Carrying Hindu Goddess Laxmi Ji Portrait CONTROVERSY

UK Bien Manger Beer: In Britain, once again the religious sentiments of Hindus have been hurt. A picture viral on social media has created an uproar. After the picture of a Hindu goddess on a beer bottle went viral in Britain, the anger of Hindus has erupted. A company making alcohol in Britain is being fiercely opposed. People of the Hindu community have demanded the withdrawal of their product from a company named UK Bien Manger Beer.

The Hindu community in Britain alleges that the company is selling beer bottles with pictures of Hindu goddesses on them and it should be stopped immediately.

Photo of Hindu goddess on beer bottle

Giving information about this, a Twitter handle named Insight UK said that a company named Bien Mangar is selling products that hurt the sentiments of Hindus. A Twitter account called Insight UK posted, “This is highly insensitive, insulting and hurtful to Hindus. Photos of Hindu goddesses are being pasted on your beer bottles.

Whose voice does Insight UK raise?

Insight UK supports Hindus and Indians living in the UK. It is a social platform to raise voice on the issues of Hindus and Indians and works to spread awareness among the people. Many social media users have also strongly condemned the matter of putting a picture of a Hindu goddess on a beer bottle.

cases have come before

However, this is not the first time that a liquor company has used a picture of a Hindu deity on its product. In the year 2021, a French liquor company called Grenade-sur-Garonne in South-Western France had to face a lot of criticism for launching ‘Shiva Beer’.

Earlier in the year 2018, a Hindu organization had strongly condemned the Derbyshire Liquor Company for using the picture of Goddess Kali in the beer bottle, after which the company finally stopped the production of beer.

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