Twitter Recalls Some Fired Employees Why Did Elon Musk Reverse Own Decision

Twitter Layoffs: Elon Musk took some big decisions in the company as soon as he bought Twitter, which surprised everyone. He decided to lay off about half the people from the company. Many people were also fired from their jobs. At the same time, it is being claimed in some media reports that Twitter is again calling those people back to the company, who were fired from the company on Friday itself.

According to a report published on Hindustan Times, some of the people who are being called back were removed by mistake. In fact, management realized that Elon Musk’s new vision would require many of those who had been fired.

Hasty been shown in the layoff process?

According to media reports, about 3,700 people were fired through email this week to reduce costs after the acquisition of Elon Musk. Now that many of these employees are being called back to the company, it shows how quick and chaotic this process of layoffs was.

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‘There was no other option left’

Amid laying off employees of micro-blogging platform Twitter across the world, including India, its new owner, industrialist Elon Musk, has justified his move, saying he has no option but to lay off if the company suffers millions of dollars in losses every day. There was no left. Musk said in a tweet on Saturday, “As far as Twitter’s workforce reduction is concerned, the company is losing $4 million a day, so unfortunately we have no choice.”

Twitter started paid service

Twitter has launched a new Twitter Blue subscription plan, which offers a verification check mark for any user. For this, the user will have to pay $ 8 per month. The company also said that it will be launching other features soon, including fewer ads, the ability to post longer videos and achieve priority ranking in answers, mentions and searches. Let us tell you that this service will start in India soon. “Hopefully in less than a month,” Musk tweeted in response to a Twitter user’s question about when the Twitter Blue service will launch in India.

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