Twitter New Boss Elon Musk Tweets Power To The People As He Defiant Of 8 Dollar Payment For Blue Tick

Elon Musk On Blue Tick: Ever since Elon Musk has put his hand on Twitter, it has been in the news ever since. Earlier there was a lot of uproar about the Twitter deal, now that they have bought it, there is a lot of uproar. Elon Musk made many changes after finalizing the Twitter deal and showed many employees the way home. Took steps like recovering money from blue tickers. Musk, who has been a victim of criticism for his actions, is now giving clarification.

On firing Twitter employees, he has clarified that he had no way left. Twitter owner Elon Musk tweeted and this his tweet went viral on social media. He wrote Power to the people i.e. power to the people. This tweet has got more than one lakh likes and has been retweeted more than 14 thousand times. After this he made another tweet. He wrote that call me good and bad for the whole day but I have to pay 8 dollars.

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Musk is coming up with new ways

Elon Musk is coming up with new ways to make up for the money invested in the purchase of Twitter, the most discussed was paying $ 8 for a blue tick. A few days ago there were reports that Twitter will charge $ 20 per month from blue tickers. The company had said that it would pay the bills with the money that came from it. However, Musk has since announced that Twitter handlers with verification will be charged $ 8 per month.

thousands of employees leave together

After this, Twitter laid off 7500 employees on Friday. If the AFP report is to be believed, then these employees were fired with immediate effect. On this matter, Musk once again said that he was left with no choice because the company was losing $ 4 million every day.

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