Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Situation Update: New-born, Mother Saved, Rescue Operation Continues | Turkey-Syria Earthquake: More than 23000 people have died so far, mother and her 3 children were removed from the debris after 108 hours

Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Updates: The earthquake on February 6 has caused major damage in the Western Asian countries of Turkey and Syria. Here, as disaster relief and rescue work is going on in the affected areas, dead bodies and injured people are being found. The number of dead crossed 23 thousand on Friday night. While the number of injured is more than 40 thousand. A member of the Indian rescue team told that the temperature is below zero in many cities of Turkey, where snowfall is also hindering the rescue work. Let’s know here 10 big things –

  1. Mother and child rescued after 108 hours of disaster
    A family of four – a mother and her three children – are pulled out of a pile of rubble 108 hours after the disaster in the Syria-border province of Hayte. There was also a newborn among them. Whose pictures are now in discussion all over the world. Similarly, rescue workers pulled out a 10-day-old baby and its mother alive 90 hours after the devastation caused by the earthquake.
  2. Lack of rescue teams in many areas of Syria
    In Turkey these days, lakhs of people have become homeless in the midst of bone-chilling winter and there is a shortage of food and water for them. At the same time, Syria, which has been war-torn for years, lacks rescue teams. In such a situation, the leaders of both the countries are facing many questions regarding their population.
  3. many cities were completely destroyed
    Turkey’s Antakya, Sanliurfa and Syria’s Aleppo city are completely ruined due to the earthquake. So many buildings have collapsed here that it is difficult to know the number of people who lost their lives even after removing their debris. Water and electricity supply is also closed in the affected areas.
  4. Thousands of people forced to live in shelter homes
    In many cities and towns of both Turkey and Syria, people are now forced to live in shelter homes. Many of them are unable to get food and drink. At the same time, some are getting help, but it is very less.
  5. Mass graves are being built somewhere
    Mass graves are being built in the south of Turkey to bury those killed in Syria. Actually, the earthquake created upheaval here and there was a shortage of cemeteries. There have been more than 4 thousand deaths in Syria alone.
  6. More than 95 countries sent help
    The people of Gaziantep city, which was the epicenter of the earthquake, say that help had not reached them even hours after the devastation. Although more than 95 countries have sent help. India is prominently involved in these countries.
  7. Indian rescue teams are working day and night
    To help the earthquake-affected from India to Turkey till yesterday, 6 planes filled with relief material were dispatched. At the same time, Indian rescue teams are engaged day and night in rescue operations. India’s rescue team has rescued a 6-year-old girl in Noordagi city of Turkey.
  8. 874000 people urgently need food
    The UN appeals for earthquake victims that 874,000 people across Turkey and Syria are now in urgent need of fresh food.
  9. President Erdogan agreed – there was a delay in the arrangements
    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan admitted for the first time on Friday that his government had not been able to reach out and help victims “as quickly as we wanted”.
  10. Kurdish militants stop fighting

Banned Kurdish militants in Turkey announced a temporary suspension of fighting to facilitate rescue operations in the wake of a massive earthquake that rocked southeastern Turkey and parts of Syria. After his decision, it is becoming easier for the rescue workers to reach the victims of the disaster. Before the disaster, there used to be a big confrontation between the militants and the government machinery. Attacks by extremists kept happening.

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