Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Situation Update: 80 Thousand People Were Injured, Know How Is The Condition After 6 Days Of The Disaster

Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Update: The earthquake on February 6 in the West Asian countries of Turkey and Syria has caused huge devastation. So far more than 33 thousand people have lost their lives in these two countries. At the same time, the number of injured people has reached 80 thousand. A week after this devastating earthquake, the United Nations (UN) feared that the death toll from the earthquake could be 50,000.

Martin Griffiths, chief of the United Nations aid unit, said – The earthquake has caused great damage to both the countries. He said that as the debris is removed from the affected areas, bodies will be recovered. He also said that the rescue operation is in the final stage, but we do not know when it should be stopped.

Death toll due to earthquake will increase further

He believed that the death toll due to the earthquake would increase further. As many deaths have happened now, this number can go up to double that. Because, thousands of buildings have collapsed and the search for people is going on from their debris.

Help is not reaching in time in Syria

Meanwhile, news is coming that timely help is not reaching Syria. The reason for this is that debris has accumulated on the roads after the earthquake. In Syria’s Harem city, a man told that his daughter was buried under the debris, but no one helped her. At the same time, disaster-relief rescue work is in full swing in Turkey.

Incidents of looting from Turkey also came to the fore.

Incidents of looting have also come to the fore from Turkey on Sunday. Here 98 people have been arrested on the charges of looting. It is being told that looting and crimes have increased in the midst of the tragedy. Among those arrested, 42 are said to be from Hatay province. Apart from this, 130 building contractors of Turkey have also been detained.

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