Turkiye Syria Earthquake Germany To Grant 3 Month Visas To Victim With Family Interior Minister Nancy Faeser

Turkiye-Syria Earthquake: After the devastation caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, helping hands are being raised from all over the world. Meanwhile, Germany has announced a 3-month visa to earthquake-affected victims in Turkey and Syria along with their families. German Home Minister Nancy Fazer gave this information on Saturday (February 11).

In an interview to the German daily newspaper Bild, the German Interior Minister described it as ’emergency help’. “We want to allow Turkish or Syrian families trapped in their homes in the disaster zone to be brought to Germany with their close relatives without bureaucracy,” he said.

More than 29 thousand died
The situation is dire after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. So far 29,895 people have been reported killed. This number is increasing continuously. More than 85 thousand people have been injured due to the earthquake. At the same time, the United Nations has expressed apprehension that the death toll could be 50 thousand.

Turkey has suffered the most from the earthquake. 24,617 people have died here. The condition in Turkey is such that there is less space for burial in the cemeteries. Even after 5 days have passed since the earthquake, people are being pulled out from the debris.

Will find a place in Germany
German Interior Minister Nancy Fazer said that eligible people would soon be issued regular visas, which would be valid for three months. He told that in a joint initiative with the Ministry of External Affairs, the Ministry of Home Affairs will allow earthquake victims to stay and get treatment in Germany.

Turkish and Syrian people in large numbers in Germany
About 2.9 million people of Turkish origin live in Germany. More than half of them are those who have Turkish nationality. There are also a large number of Syrians in Germany. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country’s borders to Syrian refugees in 2015 and 2016, during which a significant number of people arrived. At this time, there are estimated to be 9.24 lakh Syrians in Germany. At the same time, in 2014 there were 1.18 lakh Syrians in Germany. The growing number of refugees in Germany is becoming a political issue.

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