Turkiye Syria Earthquake Burying Dead Bodies Cemetery Overflowing Cemeteries

Turkiye-Syria Earthquake: Due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria (Earthquake In Turkiye-Syria), more than 15 thousand people have died in both the countries (Death Toll In Turkiye and Syria). In Turkey alone, the figure has crossed 12 thousand. Thousands of dead bodies are being pulled out from under the debris in a single day. The cemeteries here have started filling up. Now the place is running out to bury the dead bodies. At the main cemetery of Gaziantep, the bodies of 10 dead were placed together in coffins. The work of burying the dead bodies is being done in a hurry here, because many other people in line are also waiting for their turn.

Ye┼čilkent cemetery is full of mourning relatives of the dead. At the same time, the mayor of Gaziantep, Fatma Sahin, has appealed to Muslim preachers to come forward in large numbers and help in the funeral rites in cemeteries. There was also a crowd of hundreds of people in Yesilkent. Here roads, bridges and buildings have all turned into debris. The work of extracting the dead bodies buried in this debris is going on continuously.

Heaps of dead bodies being removed from the rubble

The rescue team was engaged in the rescue operation till late night on Wednesday (February 8) in the midst of severe cold and rain. Drilled into the debris of the collapsed building. However, now the chances of meeting the survivors have reduced. Most of the dead bodies are being extracted from the debris. The dead bodies are being taken out from the debris and kept on the streets. There are so many dead bodies, which have not been identified or whose family is no longer alive.

Situation due to earthquake in Turkey

The death toll due to earthquake in Turkey has crossed the figure of 12 thousand. However, the official number regarding the injured has not been released. All countries have come forward to help. India is also included in these. Videos of horrific devastation from Turkey and Syria are continuously coming out on social media. Many children were pulled out of the debris alive. The affected areas had to bear more than 150 aftershocks. Earthquake tremors were felt in Turkey as far as Greenland.

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Turkiye Syria Earthquake: Death toll in Turkey and Syria crosses 15 thousand, more than 60 thousand injured, search for dead bodies in debris continues

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