Turkiye Earthquake Turkish Man Refused To Let Go Of His Dead 15 Year Old Daughter Hand In Ankara

Turkiye Syria Devastating Earthquake: Thousands of lives were buried in collapsed buildings due to earthquake in Turkey and Syria. A pile of debris is scattered everywhere and there is an echo of screams. Uncountable painful stories buried in these debris are coming to the fore one by one and are disturbing people. In many cities, some families did not have even a single member left. Bodies are still being pulled out of the debris.

In the midst of the devastation caused by the Turkiye Earthquake in Turkey, many heart-wrenching pictures have come. In one such picture, a father is sitting holding the hand of his dead daughter.

shocking picture in turkey

The scene of devastation in Turkey is such that one gets goosebumps. Along with the destruction of houses in the earthquake, the dreams of millions of people were shattered. The pain of a father in Turkey is making people cry all over the world. His daughter lost her life in this disaster. The daughter’s body was buried under the debris and only her hand was visible outside. When the helpless father could not get his 15-year-old beloved daughter out of the debris, he sat holding the girl’s hand.

Father holding dead daughter’s hand

A man named Mesut Hanser, a resident of Kahramanmaras, Turkey, was sitting alone in the bitter cold on a pile of broken bricks, which was once his home. According to media reports, this photo was taken by photographer Adam Elton. It is clearly visible in the photo that the victim is sitting on a pile of debris and is holding the hand of daughter Irmak with one hand. Bed and mattress are also visible in this debris. Torn clothes and toys told the story of a lost life.

scene of devastation in turkey

Photographer Adam Elton told that he was very sad when he took the pictures. He could not stop himself from crying. He told that the victim Hanser did not refuse to take the picture of the girl. “Take pictures of my baby girl,” Hanser said in a trembling voice. I was speechless seeing this scene. Please tell that the Kahramanmaras area of ​​Turkey has been greatly affected by the devastating earthquake. The death toll in the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has crossed 21 thousand.

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