Turkiye Earthquake Turkish Ambassadors Message On India Help

Turkey Earthquake: In the last 24 hours, a total of more than 145 earthquakes caused devastation in the Middle East country Turkey-Syria. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred on Monday (February 6) razed the standing buildings in both the countries. In such a situation, India extended its hand to help Turkey and assured all kinds of help.

Immediately after the disaster, PM Modi sent his state foreign minister to the Turkish embassy in Delhi with his condolence message. State Foreign Minister V Muraleedharan met Turkish Ambassador to India Firat Sunel and expressed his condolences and also promised all kinds of humanitarian assistance.

Firat Sunel tweeted after this visit of India’s Minister of State for External Affairs. He said that in Turkish and Hindi, friend is a common word used for friendship. He said that there is a saying in our Turkey that a friend who is useful in need is a true friend.

Turkey devastated by earthquake
The earthquake in Turkey is estimated to have killed 14,000 people. According to AP report, a total of more than 5600 buildings are estimated to be razed to the ground due to the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. The death toll in the disaster is increasing gradually, at present the number of injured has not been confirmed.

Due to its geological position, Turkey is one of the most active earthquake zones in the world. Turkey is mainly located on the Anatolian tectonic plate. These plates often collide with each other. Due to high pressure, many times these plates also start breaking. During this, the huge amount of energy released starts looking for a way out. This disturbance creates an earthquake-like situation.

Turkiye Earthquake: May your life be long… I wish the prayer of Turkish poet Nazim Hikmat would have been accepted, then there would have been no scene of mourning, tears and pain

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