Turkiye Earthquake- Eyewitnesses Share Harrowing Quake Experiences Watch Videos

Turkey Earthquake Updates: The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on Monday (February 6) in Turkey and Syria caused massive devastation. When the earthquake occurred here in the morning, there was heavy snowfall in many parts of Turkey. At the same time, it had also started raining. During this devastation, more than one and a half thousand people lost their lives.

Eyewitnesses told the incident

However, many victims of the disaster are sharing their experiences on social media. Frightened residents of Diyarbakır in Turkey expressed their fear of the biggest earthquake in almost a century. One person said that everyone in his house woke up as soon as the earthquake struck in the early hours of the morning, and then within a short time, screams were heard there.

‘There was an earthquake in the evening as well as in the morning’

According to the news agency AFP, earthquake tremors were felt in Turkey after morning as well as in the evening. On this a woman Tulin Akkaya told that she was very scared. She said, “I was very scared. We are out of the house and in trouble. There has been another earthquake, similar to the one in the morning. Now I will not return to my home, don’t know what will happen there.

Similarly, another woman said, “I am very scared. I felt it (aftershock) so strong that I would die.” Ran outside in panic.

‘Ya Allah have mercy’

A woman named Mahi tweeted a picture of the devastating earthquake in Turkey. He said, “May Allah have mercy on the Turks and the Syrians.”

building shaken by earthquake

An eyewitness tweeted the video 11 km south of Elbistan. It can be seen how the building was shaken by the earthquake in a part of Turkey. This video was shared by EMSC.

Bad weather also hindered the rescue work

At the same time, a member of the Disaster Relief Force said that due to low visibility, military aircraft are also facing difficulty in takeoff. He said that now the government is considering adopting the relief material drop-in system. With this, the necessary relief material from aircraft or helicopters will be directly delivered to the needy people in the affected areas.

Scared locals on the streets

A series of earthquakes have rocked central Turkey, with terrified locals huddled in the streets. The quake also struck neighboring Cyprus and Lebanon today, where several aftershocks marked the most powerful earthquake in nearly a century. Now disaster relief and rescue teams are searching for people from the debris.

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