Turkiye And Syria Devastating Earthquake UNHCR Says Over 5 Million May Be Homeless In Syria After Deadly Earthquake

Syria Devastating Earthquake: The atmosphere is completely inconsolable amid the devastation caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The work of evacuating the pile of debris and the people buried in it is going on continuously. A large number of people have died in the devastating earthquake and thousands of houses have been destroyed. Lakhs of people have been feared to be homeless due to the devastation in the horrific disaster.

The United Nations (UN) has said that the number of people rendered homeless after the devastating earthquake in Syria could be close to 5.3 million.

5.3 million people homeless in Syria

The Syrian representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Shivanka Dhanapala, said that at least 5.3 million or 5.3 million people in Syria could be rendered homeless by the earthquake. He said the United Nations estimated that 5.3 million people affected by the earthquake would need shelter assistance across the country.

Relief and rescue operations underway

The Syrian representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees further said that the UN agency is providing aid to the worst affected parts of the country. The main focus of the agency is on shelter and relief items. Adequate facilities are being ensured in mass centres. Tents, plastic sheets, thermal blankets, sleeping mats, winter clothes have been arranged. Among the affected, special attention is being given to the elderly, disabled and children separated from their parents.

Death toll in Turkey-Syria crosses 24 thousand

Shivanka Dhanpala said that we have a network of community centers, satellite centers, outreach volunteers all over Syria and this helps in reaching the vulnerable population. Roads have been damaged due to the earthquake and this is hindering human access to the affected people. According to media reports, the total death toll in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 24,000. Relief and rescue work is going on continuously.

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