Toronto Police Identify The Man Named Ken Lee Killed By 8 Teen Girl

Toronto Teen Girl Killing: Last month, eight teenage girls together brutally murdered a man in Toronto. After the murder, the Toronto police was engaged in identifying who was ultimately killed. Now the police got success. The police have identified the person killed in the murder. The person who died has been named as Ken Lee. In fact, 59-year-old Ken Lee was found dead near the shelter home in the morning on 18 December last year.

He was killed by a group of 8 girls by stabbing him. The police team said that at the time of Lee’s death, he was working to give information to his close relatives. The age of all the girls who committed the murder is between 13 and 16. He was accused of second degree murder. One of those 8 girls got bail in December itself, whereas, the bail hearing of 7 people is to be held at the end of January.

The identity of the girls was kept secret
However, the identity of the eight murdered girls has been protected under the Juvenile Criminal Justice Act. Diana Chan McNally, Harm Reaction Case Manager at All Saints Toronto, said Lee’s death was inexplicable. He said that it is beyond my understanding to hear about such an incident and understand such things.

Killed in order to save a friend
The manager of Harm Reduction at All Saints Toronto said that there is an increase in violence against people living on the streets. This Lee incident is the latest example of this. Such cases keep coming to me, in which people come with complaints that they have been beaten openly on the streets. I think it is not right to have so much hatred for homeless people. A friend of Lee’s said Lee was a quiet man, defending a friend. When the group of teenagers allegedly attacked.

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