Tokyo Issues Same Sex Partnership Certificates To Gay Couples In Japan

LGBTQ Couple Certificates: Taking a big step, the Tokyo government has started issuing partnership certificates to same-sex couples living and working in the capital. This is a step that people have been waiting for for a long time. These certificates allow LGBTQ partners to be treated as married couples for a range of public services in areas such as housing, medicine and welfare.

More than 200 smaller local authorities in Japan have already taken steps to recognize same-sex partnerships, since Tokyo’s Shibuya district pioneered the system in 2015. However, this will not give the same legal rights as marriage. However, this will give gay couples an official certificate of relationship.

people welcomed the change

After this decision, dozens of people gathered in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to celebrate and take pictures. Masato, 39, said Tokyo is making us happy,” while partner Chris said he saw a “bright future” ahead of the couple. LGBTQ rights activists also widely welcomed the change. has done.

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Japan moving towards change

In recent years, Japan has taken many small and big steps towards embracing sexual diversity as well as accepting traditional family values. Many companies are now declaring support for same-sex marriage, and these couples have been shown more openly in many TV shows. A 2021 survey showed that 57 percent of the public was in favor of same-sex marriage, while 37 percent were against it.

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