TikTok Star Dies While Shooting Videos, Falling Off 70ft Coastal Cliff In Puerto Rico, Body Recovered From Underwater Cave

TikTok Star Dead at 27: Playing with the dangers of a Tiktok star proved fatal. Tiktoker was making a video by climbing a 70 feet high rock on the seashore, his brother forbade him to do so, but he did not agree. He suddenly fell down and lost his life. Divers had to struggle a lot to find his dead body in the water. His dead body was found inside the cave.

used to take footage for social media

The incident pertains to the Caribbean Islands group in the continent of North America, where Edgar Garay, a resident of Indiana, USA, had arrived to shoot the video in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Edgar Gare was a Tiktok star, he used to travel far and wide to take footage for social media.

Brother refused, but did not agree

According to the report of the British news portal ‘The Mirror’, the body of Tiktok star Edgar Gare has been recovered by divers today from an underwater cave in Cabo Rojo. Edgar Gare’s cousin told that he fell from a 70 feet high cliff in Puerto Rico. The cousin had warned Edgar Garay to stay away from the edge of the cliff, even though he was trying to get footage for social media. During this attempt, he fell from a 70 feet high rock.

Puerto Rico event

Edgar Garay was 27 years old. He was last seen alive on Sunday, January 29 at around 5.30 a.m. near the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse in Puerto Rico. Coast Guard Sector San Juan Commander Capt. Jose E. Diaz said in the statement, “We extend our condolences to Edgar Garay’s family and pray that they find strength during this most difficult time..” “We all appreciate the efforts of the Coast Guard, Puerto Rico Police and other emergency service personnel who were able to locate Edgar Garay’s body in such a harsh and challenging environment.”

eyewitness told what happened

An eyewitness at the scene said that he saw Edgar Gare stumbling towards the edge of the cliff. Later a Coast Guard helicopter was launched to help in his search. Cousin Carlos said, “My brother has a Tiktok account on which he used to upload videos.”

Tiktoker lost his life earlier also

The incident of Edgar Gare’s death comes after a 13-year-old Tiktok incident in which the minor boy lost his life for participating in the “Blackout Challenge”. There was another boy of 17 years with that boy. His condition is quite critical. Both those boys had to face cardiorespiratory arrest. He did live stream on social media. During that time his life was in trouble.

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