These Are Worlds Strongest Passports In 2022 India Rank In Is This List

World’s Strongest Passports 2022: Arton Capital has published a report on a list of countries with the strongest passports and the weakest passports in the world. In this report, the ranking of the world’s strongest and weakest passports has also been mentioned in the Passport Index 2022. Passport is a travel certificate issued by the government of a country to its citizens, which tells about the identity and nationality of the citizen for the purpose of international travel.

India ranks 87th in this list, while UAE ranks first in the passport rating in the year 2022. Travelers with UAE passport can enter 180 countries without any hassle. Except European countries like Germany and Sweden, there are more than 7 such countries which are in this index. Apart from this, there are 9 more countries than Japan, which have been included in this list.

6 different aspects have also been considered
The Passport Index is based on the 139 members of the United Nations. 6 different aspects have been considered to make this list. The data for this list has been given by the governments of different countries. All the time it is checked with the information obtained through crowdsourcing. Apart from this, this data is also checked from highly reliable sources.

Work is done on 3 steps
To make this list, work is done on 3 steps, which rates on the basis of Mobility Score (MS). This also includes the VF portion of Visa-free (VF), Visa on Arrival (VOA), eTA and eVisa (if issued within 3 days). Their score versus VOA and United Nations Development Program Human Development Index 2018 (UNDP HDI) which is used as tie breaker.

European countries were occupied
The top ten spots in the list were dominated by European countries followed by the United Arab Emirates. UAE was followed by Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain and France. Afghanistan remained at the last position while Pakistan was ranked 94th. Japan ranked 24th because it had easy access to 171 countries. Earlier this year, Japan’s passport was ranked as the best passport in the world in a list published by Henley & Partners.

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