The world’s richest man made his eldest daughter Dior chief, know the specialty of Delphine Arno

World’s Richest Man: The daughter of French businessman Béarn Arno, who became the world’s richest man by beating Elon Musk, will now run France’s luxury fashion house Dior. In fact, Delphine Arno, the eldest daughter of Béarn Arno, has become the head of Dior. According to the information, Bairnar Arno has made a huge reshuffle in his management. Because of which Delphine has been made the head of Dior. Five other sons of Bernar Arno have also been given top responsibilities in the management.

Bearnar trusts the eldest daughter a lot

Talking about the elder daughter of Baynar Arno, 47-year-old Delphine has been the deputy vice president of Louis Vuitton since 2013 and now she will replace Pietro Beccari. With this, Pietro will replace Michael Burke in Louis Vuitton. The world’s richest man says that his daughter has been a big contributor to Louis Vuitton’s record sales in recent times. She is expected to create new records after becoming Dior chief. 

Let us tell you that between 2001 and 2013, Delphine was a part of the Dior’s executive committee. During this she was on the post of Deputy General Director. He started his professional career with Mackenzie. There he worked as a consultant for two years. He then worked for designer Jean Galliano, where he had his first exposure to international fashion.

Who is Bairnar Arno?
Bairnar Arno is a French businessman who is the Chairman of the LVMH Group. This group has more than seventy companies that sell luxury products worldwide. These include companies that sell luxury clothes, from Louis Vuitton and Fendi to Fenty Beauty, which sells makeup products, and Dom Perignon, a wine-selling company. These are the companies that are known for selling the most expensive luxury products in the world.

Not only this, these are also the companies where world famous designers from Marc Jacobs to Virgil Abloh, Raf Simons and Phoebe Philo have earned their name. Baynar Arno had earlier become a topic of discussion in 2019 when he bought the famous American jewelry brand Tiffany. At that time, Arno’s total assets were US $ 106.9 billion, which has now increased to more than US $ 170 billion.

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